About KuumKumi

About KuumKumi2019-02-02T01:51:08-06:00

An international team of passionate engineers who love to find solutions to problems never solved before.

Are international team of passionate engineers who love to find solutions to problems never solved before.

We are 100% customer oriented and passionate about our work!

We are proud of our Service

We are there for you 24/7

We work fast & easy going

We are analytical and profesional

Trust the experts

Rely on our team of engineers with experience in telematics and automotive logistics 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum time commitment to start?2019-02-03T17:49:41-06:00

Yes. We look forward to building long lasting relationships with our customers. A commitment of 36 months and a minimum vehicle volume are required. But please feel free to ask us for a 60-day trial period, during which you will be able to prove our platform’s benefits and effectiveness.

Can you integrate your platform to our own?2019-02-03T17:43:35-06:00

Yes. Our engineers control every aspect of our platform so we can offer you our API or build customized integrations to your own infrastructure for a per-hour or scope based fee. Please let us know about your business and technical needs to make you a consulting proposal.

Do you offer customized reports & dashboards?2019-02-03T17:40:16-06:00

Yes, we do. Although there may be extra costs for developing very specialized or personalized visualizations or dashboards, Kuumkumi strives to offer you the data you need the way you need it. Since most visualizations are also valuable to other customers, they will often be included in the service.

Do your plans include connectivity costs?2019-02-03T17:34:33-06:00

Yes. Kuumkumi has agreements with mayor telecomm operators and manages its own SIM cards and data plans, minimizing the individual cost and allowing us to provide a more reliable and continuous service.

How big is the initial investment… Can we start small?2019-02-03T17:31:57-06:00

To your benefit, our cloud-based platform allows us to reduce setup costs to the minimum. Although we do need a minimum volume to justify the cost of platform setup & customization, our business model makes it easy for you to start asap, since there are no consulting fees and initial development costs. Only a small per-vehicle subscription fee is needed to get you up and running.

Do you offer volume discounts?2019-02-03T17:25:21-06:00

Yes. Our pricing model does consider lower per-vehicle costs with higher volumes. We will be happy to discuss your project and design a scalable pricing model to fit your own growth needs.

Do your devices include a Warranty?2019-02-03T17:21:25-06:00

Absolutely! The include a lifetime warranty so you will never have to worry about any replacement or repair costs. Our telemeters are property of Kuumkumi and we will always make sure they are updated and functional to deliver to our highest service standards. If a telemeter failed, we will be the first to replace it quickly to ensure the least service interruption time.

Why shouldn’t I monitor my batteries “by hand”?2019-02-03T17:53:12-06:00

Maintaining a certain level of service and confidence requires automated processes that rely on data, not people. Even the slightest deviation in human driven measurements can lead to costly repairs or bad customer experiences. Telemetry is not only more fail-proof but also more cost-effective than having human resources dedicated to monitor and supervise the process manually.

Do you offer demos or trial periods?2019-02-03T17:51:50-06:00

Yes, we do. We know how important it is for you to know your partners. That’s why we offer up to 60 days of trial service with a limited number of devices, depending on the volume of your operations. We are sure you will love our solution, so please ask us for a non-binding demo today!

How safe is my data?2019-02-03T17:01:53-06:00

We use the tech industry’s highest security standards to protect your information. From secure TLS 3.0 telecommunications to database encryption, redundant infrastructure and restricted access development processes, your data is always safe with us. Our agreements also include strict non-disclosure clauses that protect your sensitive information from any possible misuse.

How do your telemeters connect to your cloud?2019-02-03T16:56:41-06:00

Kuumkumi’s engineers have developed proprietary protocols that ensure effective telecommunications at ultra low bandwith and energy consumptions. We use industrial IoT standards and our own MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) to connect the telemeters to our cloud using each country’s most reliable telecomm operators. Even if your yard happens to be located in an area with a reduced coverage, we will always have different solutions to guarantee the needed connectivity with proven and standardized technologies.

Do you use third-party telemeters?2019-02-03T16:50:02-06:00

No. Although we do rely on highly experienced manufacturers, our R&D team develops proprietary operating systems and firmware to fit specific needs and guarantee effectivity and optimized operation. Even further, more than half a million vehicles monitored so far have been continuously improving our state-of-the-art proprietary telemeters.

Should I be worried about any OEM compliance issues?2019-02-03T16:45:41-06:00

Not with us! Remember our founders have worked in the manufacturing industry for decades. We know how important it is for you to maintain safety, reliability and continuity throughout your business process. Even while our telemeters are non-invasive, anything we do is always aligned to the industry’s highest OEM standards.

Is your platform proprietary or do you rely on third parties?2019-02-03T16:23:26-06:00

Kuumkumi was developed from scratch by our passionate team of engineers with only one problem to solve in mind: to monitor and preserve vehicle batteries while they are stored and distributed. While our infrastructure and some of the protocols rely on reliable partners, our solution is developed in-house, which allows us to evolve faster than anyone else and learn from every cycle, constantly optimizing our platform to your benefit.

Which kinds of vehicles can be monitored?2019-02-03T16:27:11-06:00

Our platform is flexible enough to monitor virtually any kind of vehicles, from buses to cargo to cars. And why not motorcycles? We can even develop custom-made telemeters to fit any need you might have.

Do you provide consulting services?2019-02-03T16:31:03-06:00

Yes. We don’t charge you crazy sums to set up your project and always analyze your specific needs anyway. But if you have any special missions for our team, we will be happy to discuss a per-the-hour or project based fee to solve any challenge you might have in mind.

What is your pricing model?2019-02-03T16:34:09-06:00

Kuumkumi was built to be simple. So is our pricing model. We will just charge you an initial and an oingoing fee based on the volume of your operations. Our platform will usually fit your needs, so no special development should be needed. Basic custom reports are also included!

Do your telemeters drain the car’s battery?2019-02-03T16:37:30-06:00

No. Our devices are tailored to the specific need to preserve the battery’s health, so we have put a lot of effort into developing proprietary algorithms that use the minimum possible current while maintaining reliable constant monitoring capabilities.

How invasive is your technology?2019-02-03T16:39:54-06:00

Kuumkumi is not invasive at all. We connect our telemeters without modifying, disconnecting or interfacing anything in your vehicles. There is no way our devices can cause any kind of trouble and connecting and disconnecting them is as easy as any plug and play consumer device.

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